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Window Cleaning - Interior & Exterior

We use a specialized glass cleaning solution for cleaning both glass windows on the exterior of buildings and on the interior.  

Window CleaningThe exterior surfaces of windows succumb to the dirt & dust left behind from rain, pollution, and the excrement of animals such as birds & flies.  This layer of grime not only obscures the passage of light through the window, but also reduces the image clarity of your view of the outdoors.  Interior glass & windows can become quite filthy due to fingerprints, and dirt & dust from air pollution.

Many indiviuals have their windows cleaned twice per year: once for spring cleaning and once before holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Contact Sunlight Window for help cleaning your windows.

Window Cleaning Terms

We charge extra if any scraping is needed to clean the windows, to remove substances such as paint, tree sap, or other types of debris. We clean screens only by request, and the cost is $1.00 per screen. We will not and do not clean any windows that are cracked or broken under any circumstances. The maximum building height for window cleaning is three stories.

Gutter CleaningGutter Cleaning

Do you have clogged or sluggish gutters?  Do you have trees that drop myriads of leaves onto the roof of your house or garage?  Water pouring from clogged, backed up gutters can lead to seepage and damage to the lawn or plants below.

Commercial Services

Small and medium-sized businesses which have many interior or exterior windows could benefit from Sunlight Window's specialized services for businesses, provided your building is no higher than 3 stories.  Whether you are the owner of a chain of stores or the administrator of a government building, Tim from Sunlight Window will come to your location to give you a free written estimate.


We now offer powerwashing services.  We can do:

  • Brick homes
  • Driveways
  • TrailerhomesYacht & Boat Powerwashing
  • RVs
  • Boats
  • Decks
  • Aluminum Siding

Yacht & Boat Cleaning

Sunlight Window now offers commercial services for owners of yachts and boats.  We can pressure wash your boat's deck.

Recreational Vehicles and Campers

RV Cleaning

Powerwash your RV today!  We will powerwash the entire outside of your vehicle, including the roof.  

Free Estimates

We offer 100% FREE Estimates for people and businesses interested in our services.  We will contact you and arrange an on-site assessment of the job you need done.   Please call us at 630-430-8290 for a for a free assessment.  If you prefer, you may also contact us via email.  

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